MASA is a fully representative body for the Marketing profession in South Africa.

Our membership types include:

Corporate Membership

Individual Membership consisting of:

  • Designated Marketers/Members (who have successfully completed the MASA Designations process and obtained their Designation Certification); and
  • Non-Designated Marketers/ current members, are not required to be designated to join MASA as an Individual Member. To read more about our Professional Designations, please see Professional Designations.

Why you should become a member of MASA:

  • Get plugged into the business of marketing and industry developments and thought leadership affecting marketers.
  • Benefit from and contribute to the governance and sustainability of marketers’ self-regulation, industry consumer research, and professional and ethical conduct capabilities.
  • Stay on top of and influence policy and legislative developments affecting marketers.
  • Mix and network with the best in the business: become part of the community of marketing professionals.
  • Become part of a shared view of marketers’ understanding of their role in respect of business and commerce, humanity, and the environment.
  • Join industry leadership in raising the credibility of marketing as a profession and the Professional Marketing Designations as the certification of fitness to practice.
  • Access for your people to best practice CPD, and exclusive events, masterclasses and think-tanks.
  • Enjoy formalised connection to academic/educational institutions and their students: creating a ‘fit for purpose’ pipeline of marketing talent
  • Contribute to leading and influencing marketing transformation.
  • Help facilitate the recognition of professional marketing achievement.

We invite you to join MASA now and gain an immediate advantage in our highly competitive and ever-evolving profession.

Our memberships are flexible. For example, if you participate as part of the corporate Membership and later change companies, you can transfer your Membership to an Individual Membership. Or, if you are a corporate member, you can update your membership base as and when the team changes.

Member login

MASA members can log on to our private and secure member platform with a unique user name and password, allowing you to update your records, read member-only communications and access member-only benefits.

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