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MASA is committed to giving effect to the greater professionalism of the overall South African marketing industry.

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Designation process pricing 2021

Img Masa Designation 2021, MASA




AMSA - without NQF Level 5 Qualification

AMSA - with NQF Level 5 Qualification

Enrolment and Orientation Workshop

R2 200.00

R2 200.00

R2 200.00

R2 200.00

RPL Process - PQE

R8 500.00

R8 500.00

R3 500.00


Preparatory Workshop for CMSA Exam

R10 500.00

CMSA Board Exam

R4 500.00


R25 700.00

R10 700.00

R5 700.00

R3 050.00

Re-submission of PQE after first Designation has been obtained at earlier date:

R5 000.00


  • To retain your designation, it is a requirement to be a MASA member. For designated members, a reduced membership fee will be applicable. The amount will depend on which designation you hold.
  • All prices exclude VAT