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Attention all Chartered Marketers (CMSA) and Marketing Practitioners (MPSA): Make sure you are aware of the 2017/2018 CPD Requirements. Read the announcement early 2017 here: MASA Professional Designations: complete overhaul to the CPD requirements: Keep you designation current!

Introduction to MASA:

Welcome to South Africa’s premier Association and website for Marketers- where we deal with all things Marketing. You can join our community of Marketers in various ways. When you join us as a Member you invest in your career and further your development as a Marketer, essentially you are eligible to attend our events, plug into our activities, network (with peers, mentors and future Marketers), impact the Industry through various representative boards/committees, and much more.

The pride of our Organisation is our Professional Designations, which you can obtain through MASA. Our Chartered Marketer South Africa (CMSA), Marketing Practitioner (MPSA) and Marketing Co-ordinator designations are the gateway to being recognised as a Professional Marketer, who takes their career and development seriously.

Are you employed in a Marketing position, studying Marketing, or are you an Executive interested in the Marketing Industry for your whole business/brand? The Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) is the premier community for all Marketers (future or current) and brands / corporates to connect and engage. We work with you and for you. From Industry-related projects to Educational requirements- MASA represents the voice of the Marketer in all things Marketing.

Events, Workshops and other important dates - Register/Apply Online

1. MASA AGM 2018 - Thursday, 27 September 2018

For info, please contact the MASA Office on

2. CMSA Board and Exam 2018
Wednesday, 7 November 2018, CMSA Preparatory Workshop
Thursday, 8 November 2018, CMSA Preparatory Workshop
Saturday, 17 November 2018, CMSA Board Exam


What is an Association?

It is an organised group of people who have the same interest, job, etc. It is a connection or relationship between things or people.

In our Association the common interest/ connection / relationship is Marketing.

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