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Introduction to MASA:

Welcome to South Africa’s premier Association and website for Marketers- where we deal with all things Marketing. You can join our community of Marketers in various ways. When you join us as a Member you invest in your career and further your development as a Marketer, essentially you are eligible to attend our events, plug into our activities, network (with peers, mentors and future Marketers), impact the Industry through various representative boards/committees, and much more.

The pride of our Organisation is our Professional Designations, which you can obtain through MASA. Our Chartered Marketer South Africa (CMSA), Marketing Practitioner (MPSA) and Marketing Co-ordinator designations are the gateway to being recognised as a Professional Marketer, who takes their career and development seriously.

Are you employed in a Marketing position, studying Marketing, or are you an Executive interested in the Marketing Industry for your whole business/brand? The Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) is the premier community for all Marketers (future or current) and brands / corporates to connect and engage. We work with you and for you. From Industry-related projects to Educational requirements- MASA represents the voice of the Marketer in all things Marketing.


If your professional status as Chartered Marketer, Marketing Practitioner or Associate Marketer has not been renewed yet for 2019/2020, please contact the MASA office to finalise.


What is an Association?

It is an organised group of people who have the same interest, job, etc. It is a connection or relationship between things or people.

In our Association the common interest/ connection / relationship is Marketing.

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