The Marketing Association of South Africa

MASA is the professional body for the South African marketing profession and the representative voice for organisations and individuals within the South Africa marketing industry.

Who is MASA?

MASA is an Association comprising of Marketers, and also those with a keen interest in Marketing. Find out more about our different offerings and divisions:

MASA Membership

MASA is a fully representative body for the Marketing profession in South Africa.

Professional Designations

MASA is committed to giving effect to the greater professionalism of the overall South African marketing industry.


Ensures that the practitioner maintains professional competence and applied skill at his/her current certified designated level.

Business Interests for Marketers

MASA represents the business interests of marketers and promotes professional and ethical marketing practices, the adoption of common standards, self-regulation, and independent and credible marketing industry research. It seeks to provide leadership, support, and mentorship and is the accredited custodian of the Chartered Marketer, Marketing Practitioner, and Associate Marketer designations in South Africa.

MASA is active in leading and influencing transformation, policy, legislation, education and training, learning and development, and best practices on marketing and related business issues.

Become a Certified Professional Marketer!

Join MASA’s approved and accredited, Professional Marketing Designation certification programme.

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