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As the representative voice for organisations and individuals within the South African marketing industry, and the promoter of professionalization of the marketing profession through our globally recognised Chartered Marketer, Marketing Practitioner, and Marketing Co-ordinator designations, MASA is proud to endorse The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) and its national brands Vega School, Rosebank College, and Varsity College.

In endorsing the qualifications listed below, MASA has reviewed and confirmed that the programmes on offer are of a high quality in terms of their industry standard, teaching and assessment practices, and meet the criteria for preparing students for careers in the marketing industry.

The IIE’s goal (as stated on their website) “we focus on building student careers – we understand that students study as the first step in their careers and that what they learn and how they learn need to lay the foundation for further growth, employment and learning” aligns fully with MASA’s desire to inspire and energise future Marketers, and we thus endorse these IIE qualifications as best in breed for students wishing to embark on future careers in marketing.

To maintain the integrity of this endorsement, MASA undertakes regular quality assurance visits to the respective campuses and programmes, and has conferred membership of MASA to both the relevant academic staff for these programmes and the IIE itself. All students registered for these degrees and diplomas become student members of MASA at the start of their second year of studies, and as such have full access to the activities and programmes of the Association. In addition, MASA provides career counselling sessions and ‘meet the marketer’ programmes to the IIE students registered for these programmes.

The following programmes by The Independent Institution of Education carry the MASA Endorsement:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BM) - SAQA ID 84706
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Digital Marketing (BDM) - SAQA ID 90742
  • Diploma in Commerce in Marketing Management (DCMM) - SAQA ID 86188
  • Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Brand Communication (BASB) - SAQA ID 91723
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Brand Building and Management (BBBM) - SAQA ID 60590
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Strategic Brand Management (BCSM) - SAQA ID 93948
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Strategic Brand Communication (HSB) - SAQA ID 58675
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Strategic Brand Management (HSM) - SAQA ID 96079

For more information on MASA’s Student Membership, contact MASA. Specific information regarding the IIE partnership will only be extended to employees of the IIE Group or Students who are formally members through the MASA endorsement.

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