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A Proposed New Marketing Research Currency

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What is MAPS?
  • The long awaited replacement for AMPS
  • Products and Brands research designed for marketers
  • Independent and transparent research with no commercial vested interests
  • Consumer research under Subscriber control, including content, methodologies and cost
  • Benchmark study for your bespoke and other research

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Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) Releases Population Updated AMPS 2016

Johannesburg, 4 September 2017

The new Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) is pleased to announce the release of an update to the AMPS 2015 database using the 2016 SA Population statistics. This should come as great news to marketers and their agencies. Since the release of the final AMPS survey for the full 2015 year, brand owners and media agencies have not had single source data that relates to current population figures. This has resulted in media planning based on a snapshot of the South African market as it was two years ago.

Following the support from a significant number of South Africa’s top advertisers for a new subscription based replacement for AMPS, the MRF has been hard at work preparing for the replacement for AMPS – to be called MAPS – to be available from mid-2018. In parallel with that work, the MRF decided to commission an update to the final AMPS survey, reweighting the datafiles to the most current 2016 population estimates as provided by IHS, which had traditionally provided the annual population estimates for the AMPS® releases. This bridge between AMPS and MAPS is available to marketers and agencies free of charge.

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New consumer-centric industry research initiative takes off

Johannesburg, 2 August 2017

Support for the new research initiative has received resounding support from the majority of county’s main advertisers. This is according to Greg Garden, CEO of The Marketing Association of South Africa, and Director of the Marketing Research Foundation (MRF). He advised that funding for the new research initiative has significantly exceeded minimum viability levels.

The new AMPS will be called MAPS, and will be available on a subscription basis and the first report will be published by mid-2018. The goal of MAPS is to create consumer centric research to provide insights and understanding of daily consumer behaviour, decision making and product and brand consumption. The research results will be primarily used to deepen consumer understanding, for target marketing, and as the basis for the planning of media space and time. Garden says that the MRF wishes to build on the world class foundation and legacy of AMPS whilst embracing new thinking and new methods and changing what is no longer optimal to arrive at growing, living dynamic research that fulfils the MAPS goals. the new MAPS?

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Media Release: Proposed new Marketing Research to replace AMPS

A new all media marketing research survey to replace the now defunct AMPS was today launched to marketers and agencies.

The Marketing Association of South Africa - MASA, the AMF (the Advertising Media Forum) and the Association for Communication and Advertising (the ACA), jointly announced that an independent, transparent, benchmarked, and audited research initiative that will focus on brands, products, & segmentation in an integrated and consumer centric manner was being offered to marketers on a subscription basis.

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Proposed New Marketing Research Currency to replace AMPS – Presentation

Between 2013 to 2015, media owners resigned from SAARF. The current members of SAARF are the Marketers - MASA, Media Agencies – AMF, and Creative Agencies - ACA.

Arising from the resignation of the media owners from SAARF, they ceased funding to SAARF and took media currency research ‘in house’. Without funding, SAARF could no longer provide AMPS, and the last survey was published in 2016.

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Event Announcement - A Proposed New Marketing Research Currency to replace AMPS

Thursday, 2 March, 2017, The Country Club Johannesburg (CCJ), Woodmead

The Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), in partnership with The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) and the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), invites you to a significant industry engagement concerning a potential new marketing research currency to replace the now discontinued All Media and Products Survey (AMPS).

This initiative is in response to growing concerns from marketers and their agencies about the brand, product and intermedia usage research void that has occurred arising from the withdrawal from SAARF of the media owner associations, and the resulting lack of funding for such research...

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