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CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT                                                                                                     ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK
Presented by Prof  Adré Schreuder                                                                                              BOOKING FORM

Customer Engagement is not about asking what your Company can do for the Customer, but what the Customer can do for your Company.   From Customer Care to Customer Engagement – A Comprehensive Review and Future Perspective. 
In an age where Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Engagement are used interchangeably and mostly incorrectly, many top executives have become used to the Net Promoter Score as the stereotype representation of what these terms mean.  

The seminar will:

  1. attempt to set the realities apart from myth and general confusion
  2. trace the origins of Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement
  3. endeavour to propose a proper typology for understanding these concepts and what benefits they bring to the modern organisation, especially within the context of customer centricity transformation. The latter is required to leverage the maximum returns from investment in these business initiatives. 
  4. are most vocal and hence Voice-of-Customer (VOC) is generally seen as feedback channels and customer surveys. Long debates about the best metrics to use and best feedback channels further support the notion that the VOC is still largely seen as customer feedback and the related channels where and how the feedback is collected
  5. make a strong case for the requirement of customers to have interactive customer engagement where companies truly listen when they speak – and then to actually respond to this engagement in the most appropriate, customer friendly and efficient manner. Jeanne Bliss correctly states that VOC– “tells a story about customers’ lives”. For organisations to truly impact on customers’ lives, the modern and correct approach to customer feedback and customer engagement is not only about collecting (listening) feedback, it should include the response to customer interaction and feedback in a more balanced view.  It includes the choice of the most optimal channels of interaction and dialogue to ensure ultimate customer engagement
  6. provide insight into the current best practices, tools, methods and strategies to embark on a customer centricity transformation and will end with a view into the future of customer engagement.  The end goal of this session will be to convince all delegates about the business value of customer centric thinking and to truly change our ways in how we look at customer engagement and customer loyalty – it is earned and awarded to the preferred brand based on how the customer experienced all forms of interaction with their brand of choice

Presenter - Short Bio

Adré Schreuder completed his Bachelors, Honours & Master’s degrees in Commerce all Cum Laude at University of Pretoria.  He started his career as Marketing Assistant at the Marketing Division of the former Department of Post and Telecommunication and later accepted a position as Lecturer at the University of Pretoria & soon after was promoted to Senior Lecturer. Adré completed his Doctoral studies at University of Johannesburg and was awarded with a promotion to Associate Professor at UJ the next year.  His academic career progressed rapidly to earn an appointment as full professor & head of Department of Marketing when he returned to UP. The second part of his career commenced with the founding of a marketing research consultancy - called Consulta, that has grown into a large Customer Insights Consultancy today.  During 2012 a career dream was realised when he founded (& still chairs) the South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) under a license agreement between ACSI and Consulta. Adré is considered the subject matter specialist in the field of customer experience measurement and management.  He actively consults to large, medium and small businesses and serves as non-executive director in numerous other companies. He serves on numerous industry bodies & holds an appointment as Extra-ordinary Professor at University of Pretoria (non-teaching).   Adré is also part of the Advisory Panel for CEM Africa and serves on the Board of the Chartered Institute of Customer Management.

Read his full Professional Bio

Dates and venues:

  • Tuesday 22 August 2017 (08:00 – 13:00) in Johannesburg at Monash South Africa, 144 Peter Road, Ruimsig Roodepoort
  • Friday 27 October 2017 (08:00 – 13:00) in Cape Town at USB (University of Stellenbosch Business School), Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville Cape Town
  • Durban - Date and venue to be confirmed

The Program

08:00 Registration
08:30 Welcome. Venue sponsor representative and Designations Overview

Masterclasses presentation:
08:45 A Comprehensive review of Customer Experience & Customer Engagement. Exploring principles of customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty and customer engagement – the relevance for markets and how to leverage maximum customer equity from customer engagement
10:00 Tea/ Coffee break
Conclusion to Session 1 & Questions (lead into Panel discussion)
11:00 Panel Discussion – The Role of Marketing in Customer Engagement & Customer loyalty
12:00 Innovation and Future Trends in Customer Centric Transformation. The VOC (“voice of the customer”) tells a story about customers’ lives. VOC is not only about customer feedback; it is about customer interaction, optimal channels of such interaction as well as successful customer engagement and earned customer loyalty.

13:00 Closing comments

Fees - Johannesburg event (excluding VAT):

1. MA(SA) Member - Designated - R750.00
2. MA(SA) Member- Non-designated - R950.00
3. Members of other Marketing Industry-related Associations  (Interdependent Partnership Forum Members) - R1450.00
4. Other - R1650.00

Fees - Cape Town event (excluding VAT):

1. MA(SA) Member, Designated MA(SA) Member- Non-designated, Members of other Marketing Industry-related Associations  (Interdependent Partnership Forum Members) - R750.00
2.  USB Alumni - R375.00