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Membership Fees

MASA Membership Types Annual Fee - 2019
Individual Member, DesignatedCMSA, MPSA, MCSA The full membership fee per annum (March to Feb) is required for designated members to keep their Designation current
CMSA - R1500.00 (excluding VAT)
MPSA - R1000.00 (excluding VAT)
MCSA - R500.00 (excluding VAT)

Individual Member, Not Designated Fees are calculated pro rata, based on the quarter that you join in:
March - May: Join fee R2000
June - August: Join fee R1500 (9 months)
September - November: Join fee R1000 (6 months)
December - February: Join fee R500 (3 months)
In the new period, upon renewal of Membership, the full annual fee will be payable
Corporate Membership R 35 000.00

To Join The Marketing Association of South Africa:
  1. Kindly complete the online registration form.  (Please carefully indicate the person/entity responsible for payment.)
  2. MASA will send an invoice - with all the relevant details - for payment, to the email address supplied.
  3. The following methods of payment are accepted: cheque, direct deposit and EFT.  Cash payments cannot be accepted.
  4. Should a direct deposit and/or electronic transfer be made, please provide proof of payment (POP) as follows: Forward the  confirmation email MA(SA) sent you (quoting applicant’s full details and relevant Membership applied for) to
    1. *Direct Deposit attach a copy of the deposit slip (POP) to the email.
    2. *EFT/Electronic Transfer – attach a copy of the Successful Payment Notification (POP) from your bank
  5. *Fees are not deemed paid until the full amount reflects unencumbered in the Association account.

  6. MASA will provide feedbackupon successful joining.