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Designation Process Pricing 2018 (Excluding VAT)




AMSA - w/o Qualification

AMSA - w/ Level 5

Enrolment and Orientation Workshop R 2,200.00 R 2,200.00 R 2,200.00 R 2,200.00
RPL Process - PQE R 8,500.00 R 8,500.00 R 3,500.00 R 850.00
CMSA Exam Preparation Workshop R 10,500.00      
CMSA Board Exam R 4,500.00      
Totals R 25,700.00 R 10,700.00 R 5,700.00 R 3,050.00
Re-submission of PQE after first Designation has been obtained at earlier date: R 5,000.00


NOTE: To retain your designation, it is a requirement to be a MASA member. The MASA membership fee for anyone who joins throughout 2019 is R2 000 (excluding VAT). For designated members, a reduced membership fee will be applicable. It will depend on which designation you have.