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Designation Process and Types

Designation Process

Should you decide to apply for a designation, there is a stringent process that you will have to follow:

  1. Complete the registration form and pay the workshop fee
  2. Attend the orientation workshop
  3. Complete the three month PQE/RPL process
  4. Designated on one of two outcomes: AMSA or MPSA
  5. Eligible candidates, declared competent after the PQE process, based on the relevant criteria, will be allowed to proceed towards the CMSA preparatory workshop and board exam.

Complete the online enrolment form for the Orientation workshop as the initial step in the process – which will explain what is required. An invoice is generated for the non-refundable payment of R2 200.00 (excluding VAT) which includes attendance to the Orientation Workshop. Payment must be received by MASA five working days prior to attending the full day Orientation Workshop.

During the Orientation Workshop you are informed about the requirements for the completion of your PQE [Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience]. An accredited RPL Advisor will be assigned to you. H/she will officially only be available for a maximum period of 2 months after the Orientation Workshop for Assistance/Guidance for the compilation of your PQE. The RPL/PQE Process then begins – (Recognition of Prior Learning) / (Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience) on the first day of the next month after the workshop. The outcome of your PQE Assessment will determine your eligible designated status and will explain further steps, if required.

Please contact with any questions.

Designation Types

  1. 1.  Chartered Marketer – CMSA:

    To obtain this designation the criteria, as indicated below, will apply as a basic minimum, however, the PQE/RPL process will determine advancement to the CM(SA) board prep workshop and exam. This designation is aimed at marketing professionals who have practised marketing for at least 10 years with no less than three years at senior executive level. The underpinning qualification for this designation is an NQF 8 in marketing or relevant equivalent.
  2. 2.   Marketing Practitioner – MPSA:

    This designation is aimed at marketing practitioners who have practised marketing for at least five years. The underpinning qualification for this designation is an NQF 7 in marketing or equivalent.
  3. 3.   Associate Marketer – AMSA:

    This is the entry-level designation for individuals who have qualified and has a level 5 Marketing related qualification, and some marketing-related experience.

Minimum Requirement

NQF Level 4 Marketing related Qualification and Accumulative 1 year experience.