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Marketing professionals at all levels in the industry can benefit from being professionally designated based on defined criteria and industry endorsed standards, thereby enhancing their professional recognition and validation in the marketing profession. Anyone who aspires to obtain a marketing designation will start the process by attending an Orientation Workshop. This will inform and prepare all candidates, regardless of their current level of expertise, to complete a Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience (PQE)

MASA is the custodian of the following Marketing-related Professional Designations:

Chartered Marketer South Africa - CMSA  
Marketing Practitioner South Africa - MPSA
Marketing Coordinator South Africa - MCSA

Our Association is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body for marketing in South Africa. Government recognition at this level re-affirms the Association’s position as a leading player in the country’s Marketing sector, with the endorsement further elevating MASA’s already highly respected Chartered Marketer South Africa - CMSA, Marketing Practitioner South Africa - MPSA and Marketing Coordinator South Africa - MCSA professional designations.

The Professional Designation Board (PDB) is the fully-mandated decision-making board on Professional Designations for the Marketing Industry on Strategy, Process, Content, Standards, Integrity, Ethics and Governance. The Board consists of members from the Marketing Industry, both academic and business professionals, with the appropriate skills and experience. To provide on-theground training for members and non-members alike, the Board authorised the implementation of the MASA CPD program. This program is aimed at bringing the latest and greatest in cutting-edge Marketing trends and skills to its attendees.