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Designated Member Fees

The MASA Masterclasses are open to MASA designated members, non-designated members, as well as the broader Industry to attend. There are fees stipulated below for:

  1. MASA members (non-designated)
  2. MASA members (designated)
  3. Non-Members from other Marketing Industry related Associations [Interdependent Partnership Forum Members]
  4. Non-Members (who could be in the Marketing Industry, or any other professional interested in Marketing subjects)

MASA distinguishes attendance of our CPD sessions for designated members as follows: 

  1. Chartered Marketer – CMSA 
  2. Marketing Practitioner – MPSA 
  3. MarketingCoordinator - MCSA

Masterclass Attendance Pricing 2018 (Excluding VAT)


MASA Designated

MASA Member [non-designated]

Members of other Marketing 
Industry related Associations 
[Interdependent Partnership Forum Members]










R1 450.00

R 1,650.00