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​Vega was formed in 1999 in anticipation of the shift in the global paradigm away from conventional marketing and advertising toward a synchronous cohesion of design, branding and business. With the reconfiguration of traditional platforms and the emergence of new ones, it is the art, craft and science of branding that has become the universal language of the marketplace. Think of brands such as Google, Greenpeace and Apple: brands are far more than letters and logos but powerful cultural forces shaping the world as we know it.

Concomitant with this seismic shift in the industry landscape arose an urgent need to educate South Africa's most talented young minds in preparation for this brave new world. A new school of thought was called for and Vega answered that call. With branding being the DNA of Vega, the school is ideally positioned to meet the rapidly growing needs of industry by supplying students with the conceptual, strategic and practical skill-sets required to rise to the challenge of the future.

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