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MASA is a fully representative body for the Marketing profession in South Africa. We fund a series of relevant and critical projects – all of which are designed to assist you (as Marketers) and the companies you represent to thrive and develop in Marketing. We are also involved in Industry-related issues. Our Association is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body for marketing in South Africa. Government recognition at this level re-affirms the Association’s position as a leading player in the country’s Marketing sector, with the endorsement further elevating MASA’s already highly respected and revered professional designations:
1. Chartered Marketer South Africa - CMSA
2. Marketing Practitioner South Africa - MPSA
3. Marketing Coordinator South Africa - MCSA 

We invite you to join MASA now and gain an immediate advantage in our highly competitive and ever-evolving profession. You can join in a few ways, you can join as a Corporate-, Individual-, or Student Member.

Our memberships are flexible, should you, for example, join (as an individual) under the corporate membership and you later change companies, you would be able to transfer your membership to an Individual Membership. Or if you are a corporate member, you can update your membership base as and when the team changes.

Important note: You do not have to possess a MASA designation to be a member- you can be a member without having a CMSA, MPSA or MCSA designation.

General Benefits for all Membership types

  1. Newsletters on activities related to industry
  2. Access to position papers and forums on current issues affecting marketing
  3. Access to dedicated section for members only on MASA website
  4. Discounted prices on seminars, events, feedback sessions and networking forums
  5. Discounted rates for membership to other associations and their events
  6. Enhanced information availability via Market IQ for members
  7. The marketing networking portal. We connect you to other marketers- locally and internationally through a series of events, business forums and other opportunities

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